“Arts in scholar curriculum: why arts are underrated in Brazil” by Valenthina (7A)

Introduction of topic

and understanding basic knowledge in Brazil:

Why are arts necessary in the scholar curriculum? Are they really important? Why aren’t they valued? Yes, arts are very important and necessary. Schools should give more attention to that topic because we can all agree that this is not something stimulated enough nowadays in Brazil. 

Although this happens as a consequence in school, it’s not the institution’s fault itself. The BNCC (‘ Base Nacional Curricular Comum’) is responsible for regulating content being given in schools ( in Brazil). The Brazilian schools are obliged to keep basic content given in line (not going any much further or less than it is expected by BNCC ). In thesis, BNCC keeps a basic set of ‘rules’, but with that out of the way, some demands are constantly changing, That makes life much harder for schools and students.

Obstacles and issues:

Knowing that the schools’ choice of valuing students with artistic abilities isn’t mainly the choice of the school, we have come back to the beginning. Are arts still important in the curriculum? In fact, there are many points of view to consider. 

Some rules are obviously crucial for learning, Even though I am aware of such strict rules, I’m still not satisfied to the point of taking that as an excuse. On the other hand, this isn’t the only obstacle to face, notice that it is extremely difficult to have infrastructure for both arts and basic content in an average school (considering that decent art supplies are generally expensive and not of easy access for all social classes).

More about infrastructure and cultural aspects:

Infrastructure is fundamental to obtain and increase the quality of learning. Keeping basic content, arts, sports,etc. tied in a perfect balance that distributes quality learning in every area is simply delusional. It would be of no use to try and change the law since most parents do not approve of their child’s choice of being an artist when they grow up, or even the choice of arts by the time they get to university. 

Then why not creating a school that carries both basic knowledge, teaches and takes arts seriously? The answer is short and unfortunately, disappointing. When a new school is created, they are allowed to admit new students and functions like any other school but, they need the approval of MEC ( Ministério da Educação e Cultura ).

MEC´s administration and methodology of approval:

MEC evaluates and obtains the future of any school in their hands. MEC´s function is to validate the school’s content and methodology. If it is not approved by the organization, it’s certain that students won’t get a certificate by the end of the school’s trial. 

How this is harmful for people interested in arts:

As schools do not support young artists, when the time they have to apply for a job comes, they’ll end up doing something that is not in their interest. They would be giving up instead of becoming great artists. Young artists who are still positive on following a different path rely on social media to expose their works while it should be something extra only.

There is still a lot for BNCC to work on. It would be a great step if only the institutions that control education considered that arts are valid and very much  ignored in Brazil. Instead of punishing students for something they are not the best in, why not rewarding them for what they are good at?

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