“Parents controlling our internet” by Luisa R. (7A)

In my point of view, parents should control the internet  of kids and adolescents, because we can use too much internet, and they want us to stay less on the Internet, making more friends outside, so we can do more  activities, like sports, without depending so much on the Internet. It Is positive, because when you are addicted to the Internet, it can harm your body. 

To begin with, your body can have a lot of consequences, like for example: your backbone can be affected because you keep looking down, so it can make your backbone curved. It can also cause a lot of other symptoms, like when you look a lot and it can be difficult for your eyes to constantly look at the screen.

Your parents do this for you not to stay addicted to the Internet and also for you to play outdoors, for you to make more friends and play sports. Moreover, you will not be exposed to the dangers of the internet.

To sum up, parents should control our Internet because they can help us with our safety in different media and avoid negative body consequences. So, they should control our internet for our own safety and also for us to make friends and have a better social life.

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