“Femism or Feminism?” by Natascha B. (7A)

Nowadays there is a big movement against chauvinism: feminism. In theory, feminism is the perfect world, where there is gender equality and women get their rights. However, some people end up being femists rather than feminists. For us to avoid this confusion, it is crucial that we understand the difference between the two concepts. Also, be careful so femism doesn’t pass the wrong image and take women’s reasons to feminism.

In order to solve any problem, it’s important to understand the situation. This is no different, so here it goes: According to Cambridge dictionary, feminism is “the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power and opportunities as men” and femism is when women believe to be superior than men. Femism is also a synonym to misandrism, or hatred of men. The opposite of chauvinism. Some people are femists disguised as feminists, and some believe it is right and use it without knowing it’s not feminism. 

Femism is often confused with feminism. Many people do have feminist intentions and ideology. However, other people claim to be feminists by treating men as inferior and insulting them. 

Femism is passing a bad impression about feminism. When people don’t know what feminism is and see femists disguised as feminists, they think the movement is wrong. Imagine if someone in a feminist walk carries a poster written “men are useless” or “women deserve more than men”. How would it look for you?

To avoid femism, we need to understand, react, inform and fight against it. Be careful when showing someone what feminism really means, and reflect if your actions are femist or feminist. 

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